Bit By Bit Computer Services
We are a small company based in NW Calgary. We are a provider of hardware and software solutions directed at ensuring that the business processes and related technology critical to the real-time enterprise perform as planned. In today’s corporate world, a company with 25 or more desktops will need a network that is run 24/7 and supported by the services of a full-time IT department staffed with qualified people. Unfortunately, smaller business owners often do not understand the costs involved in managing their IT infrastructures and there simply aren’t enough qualified people to support everything. This results in escalating costs and an IT system that is support expensive and inefficient.

Our Goal
The objective of Bit By Bit is to provide fast and reliable technical assistance to local small and medium sized businesses who need technical help with their business computers, Bit By Bit provides fast and effective response that gets the business back up and running.
Bit By Bit sells solutions and results!

The primary promotion strategy for Bit By Bit will be in guaranteeing customer satisfaction: happy customers will generate repeat and new business.